Not one time, but two times in the past week. The first was the appearance in the Sunday, April 24th issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer, featuring my successful appearance at the Philadelphia Business Story Slam. The most recent issue of this newsletter included a description of that event; to see the follow-up article (sadly, sans photo-I suppose they wanted more lithe, photogenic subjects) click here. And if the hyperlink doesn’t work (in spite of my finest efforts), here’s the full version:

The second time was in conjunction with Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, which took place this past Friday. There was no shortage of Elsinore (as in the Hamlet’s castle)-since Shakespeare permeated electronic media. Allegedly Shakespeare perished from too much strong drink, though that account appeared almost fifty years after his death, and has been discredited as being somewhat fanciful. The reality probably was more prosaic, since a cholera epidemic swept through England around that time, likely carrying off the Bard with thousands of others. Personally, I’d rather go from excessive mead consumption than absent electrolytes.

And a final note about media: when I began my career, gamely grinding copy into freshly slathered clay tablets, the ne plus ultra of PR was getting an article in a major newspaper, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer. As soon as that happened the phone would start ringing, largely with congratulations, and often laudatory letters would follow (a fulsome letter from the local congressman was almost an expectation.) After today’s Inquirer article appeared I did hear from someone-a sexagenarian friend who saw my name in the piece. That was it. Everyone else who saw it did so from social media promotion (read: my promotion)-and not the paper’s. I fear that the city’s major paper has become the almost exclusive bailiwick of the Celebrex generation. That’s a great shame, since in its storied history the Inky’s hauled away more than its share of Pulitizers, and conducted investigative journalism that would be beyond the budget (and patience) of virtually all other local web news sources.

Here’s to getting the PR attention YOU deserve!