Entrepreneurs are those who run enterprises with a number of employees, positive revenues, established clientele and inventory/intellectual property and a facility.

The issues facing entrepreneurs are more complex than those of licensed professionals, and for that reason require more attention and time for successful resolution.

Often these issues include stagnant revenues, decisions about major restructuring of the business and/or debt, employee productivity (including hiring/firing/reassignment), changes in industry economics, facilities management, and product development, to name a very few.

The entrepreneur program will require homework between meetings, and a sincere effort to make positive change, both in yourself and in the organization. Often these changes may be uncomfortable. Since change works over time, the engagement would cover one year.

The engagement with entrepreneurs is highly customized and intensive.

Monthly meetings are in-person, in the Philadelphia metro area at the client facility or the Elsinore international headquarters in Wynnewood, PA, and outside of the area by Skype or telephone. The first meeting will run anywhere from three to six hours, sometimes split over a few days. This is where we determine the underlying nature of the enterprise’s challenges, whether these challenges can be solved, and what resources would be required for positive resolutions. From this point we would have scheduled telephone meetings weekly, which would run about 30 minutes, with monthly meetings in person of one to two hours. Between meetings you would have unlimited access by email/text, with the proviso that you would receive an answer in one business day.

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