Jim Shulman on Practically Everything

Every two weeks Jim Shulman write about a topic that has almost NOTHING to do with coaching, and everything to do with life. Topics have ranged from Ashley Madison to Amish Cell Phones. Samples are below.

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Jim Shulman on Dopamine and Career Advice

This past week I met a budding young professional in the lobby of one Philadelphia’s new coworking spaces. He was a recent college grad, and an intern at some philanthropic endeavor, which was providing him experience (read: little to no money). Ironically, the group...

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Jim Shulman on Selling Personal Lubricants

I’ve had quite a few strange engagements in my career–selling cheap die cast toys, self-produced classical music CDs (Want some? I still have a closet full), vetting pharmaceutical manufacturing in China–but by far the strangest was the company that...

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Jim Shulman on Three Business Trips

The other day I saw a Facebook post from a friend who must travel three times around the globe each year. It’s all business, and it’s all hectic-passport control, meeting, on another plane, a car rental, two more meetings, flight delays-enough to send...

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Jim Shulman on Children You Are Welcome

It’s car show season again, at least when the weather allows. So far I’ve hit about a dozen, and as usual have had a sensational time. At most of these shows there are warning signs on the vehicles, along the lines of: “Do Not Touch My Car”,...

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Jim Shulman on Entrepreneur Story Slam

A few months ago a colleague asked me to attend one of his story slams, which involve people coming up on stage (or to the front of a group) and, well, telling stories. For one reason or another I hadn’t been able to make the slams, but thanks to some prodding from...

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Jim Shulman on Lost in Translation

I belong to a number of online discussions groups that are not necessarily exclusively Anglophone. Sometimes I’ll come across an interesting description that’s in Korean, or German, or Japanese. Enter the simple solution of using Babelfish or Google translation where,...

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