Licensed Professional

For licensed professionals, including wealth management professionals, attorneys and CPAs, a Guaranteed Path to Greater Success

We have coached many successful professionals in these areas, though most have these key characteristics:

  1. They have been in practice for several years, if not decades.
  2. They have reached a plateau in sales, or very small incremental sales.
  3. The current clientele may not be the practice’s ideal clientele.
  4. There may be infrastructure issues, including staffing, location, and affiliation.

Licensed professionals who work hard and follow our advice do sensationally well, often doubling income over two years. The key is hard work and following advice.

The program runs six months, with six meetings. The meetings are either over the phone or at our international headquarters in Wynnewood, PA. At the first meeting, which is two hours, we will determine the true nature of your challenges (often not what may first appear!), and outline a plan of action. There will be homework between meetings, which must be completed no later than one business day before the next meeting. Meetings after the initial session are monthly, for one hour. There are unlimited number of text messages/emails between meetings with any questions or concerns. Our commitment is an answer within one business day, either by text or email.

Our guarantee:

You will recoup your investment in the program by the end of the six months, which could be from new business and/or measurable improvements in productivity. However, this is contingent on doing EVERYTHING outlined in the meetings on time and completely, without exception. Provided you have done all the assigned work completely and on time, and for some reason you have not yet recouped the investment, we would extend the engagement at no extra charge until you do recoup your investment (again, with the proviso that you do all the work completely and on time).

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