A Single Question – A 90 Minute Conversation

Sometimes we have one important question that needs an answer.

A while ago someone called with a question about a major business change, including whether to stick with the enterprise or try something else. There were personalities involved (no surprise there!), contracts, reputation, and of course money at stake.

Note that this is for a one-time question. Elsinore Business Advisors does not offer ad hoc business coaching beyond a single question/issue, but rather has comprehensive programs that delve into complex challenges for licensed professionals and entrepreneurs.

Your question could be about anything:

an employee concern, an issue with facilities or inventory, an opportunity that needs a basic vetting, or even how to handle a simple event that could have a major impact on work/life balance (and whether you’re greeted at the door with a kiss or a projectile).

We would discuss this over the phone, or at our international headquarters in Wynnewood, PA.  

In the course of the 90 minutes a plan of action become much clearer.

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