When I’m not working with clients, or talking with almost anyone who’d love to share a cup of extra-strong coffee, I’m off taking photographs. My photography falls somewhere between a passion and obsession; virtually every weekend (and on several weekdays) I’m off and shooting somewhere.

However, somewhere must be a place where there are lots of people. If you love seeing people in their element, you’re my audience.

I shoot anywhere were people are passionate about something. It could be civil rights (as of this writing I plan to be at the MLK day march in Philadelphia), a convention of Bronies (millennial male fans of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”,) Christian Rock devotees, Jazz Age dance enthusiasts, antique car fans, a hamburger festival in Berks County—it doesn’t matter, so long as the participants are thrilled to be present.

I also take my pictures the old-fashioned way: on film. My cameras, classics like Leicas and Rolleiflexes, are usually loaded with black and white films (remember Kodak Tri-X? Yes, Kodak Alaris still make Tri-X, though my beloved Fuji Neopan 400 has gone into that great developing tank in the sky) which I process in my basement. I scan the negatives and post digitized images regularly.

Here are several hundred of my favorite pictures (bottom of the page shows how you can browse through all 168—and counting–pages.) Enjoy!


I hope that you pursue your personal and professional passions—all the better if they’re one and the same.

Best wishes for today,

Jim Shulman