You Started the Story
Are You Willing to Work for a Happy Ending?

Everyone says they want a happy ending to their life story–us included—but you still have to melt the witch before you get the broom. It’s an amazing, scary, and thrilling journey to a happy ending. But, much like Dorothy, you have to take control of your own narrative.

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Most just wander through life; others are driven to thrive.

Which one are you?

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Twenty Years of Coaching Experience

Since 1996 Elsinore Business Associates has coached driven business owners who have no choice but to create their own enterprises and make them work. In many respects our best clients are like concert violinists or pianists, because they can’t imagine doing anything else but their profession, and will stop at nothing to make their lives successful and satisfying.

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“Greater success, both personal and professional, takes two things: drive and direction.

You provide the drive, we provide the direction.”

— Jim Shulman

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Would Coaching Make a Huge Difference in Your Business?

Answer these five questions to see if it’s right for you.


You see a magazine article about creating fantastic change in your business. Do you grab it, read it immediately and take notes, or does it wind up on top of the toilet tank in the must-read pile, underneath last month’s issue of Maxim or Vogue?


You see a demonstration of new sales technology, or customer sales analysis technology, at a business conference. Do you race out to learn more, or do you take the brochure with the full intention of reading it later, only to discover it six months later in your car trunk, welded shut with spilled Gatorade and sand?


Somebody you admire gives you some “tough love”—painful, though important, advice. Do you make a sincere effort to implement the advice, or do you thank them profusely and keep doing what you’ve always done, only faster and more furiously?


A colleague gives you a self-improvement or business improvement book. Do you read the book intently and implement some of the suggestions, or do you read the back cover and pass it along to someone else, with a strong recommendation that they read it thoroughly?


You encounter the same problems again and again. Do you resolve the problems, or do you curse the problems and blame anything from stupid employees to Congress?

How did you answer?

Each point ended with a question. If you selected the first part of each question, you don’t need Elsinore, since you’re either completely on target or (like most people) developing a rapidly growing nose. If you selected the second part of the question, you might be a great coaching candidate—but only if you want to change and make a sincere, focused effort to fix problems. Working with a great coach is hard work—but the results are worth the effort. We repeat, hard work. Don’t kid yourself. So is any worthwhile diet, exercise program, college course, or marriage. Especially that last one.

Which Path to Happiness?

There’s a right one for you. Elsinore offers three “situation-based” coaching engagements:

A Single Question

Licensed Professional


Do you have one burning question that needs some effective answers? A ninety minute conversation could be your solution.

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Do you own a professional practice, such as a financial services practice, a law practice, or an accounting practice? Licensed professionals have their own particular needs.

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Do you balance your business’ clients, products, staff, and infrastructure like a Barnum and Bailey aerialist? Come back to Earth.

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